Kind Words from my Satisfied Customers
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“Signing up for the Happiness Approach was a big step for me and I am so happy I took it. I am halfway through the program and I’ve already lost 10lbs. Kim has been the rock I needed to get back to caring for my health and fitness. She has worked with me to fight my inner demons and overcome some obstacles. I am looking at food and fitness completely different this time. Thank you, Kim!”
– Tina W

“Many of our challenging habits are manifestations of certain things bugging us. Learning to identify these triggers, letting them go, and remembering to love ourselves is essential. Kim McKay played a key role in refocusing my energy while being an excellent trainer generating results in little time. Love yourself by working with Kim. You deserve it.”
– Nathalie L.

“The Happiness Approach program is extremely tailored to each person. Kim goes out of her way to get to know her clients and what may or may not work for them. She is available and flexible which is wonderful with my busy lifestyle. The workouts are fun and ever-changing. The program helps you identify certain of the reasons why a person may be overweight in the first place and helps you work through those issues. The program emphasizes trying to fix the inside as well as the outside. The support and the continuous check-ins have been great at keeping me motivated. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ program which is I think is key to everyone getting the results they are looking for.”
– Sophie P.

“I have not worked out in 3 years. I injured my neck not respecting my limits in an advanced boot camp class. I truly feel that the class that I took with you was the most beneficial for me. My body changed in crazy ways, very quickly. I really do not care about numbers. I care about being fit, stronger and firmer through healthy nutrition and exercise. I’m sure that any doctor would say they would like me to lose 30 lbs, but I’m not going to dwell on that right now.”

– Tracey T.