Personal Training

We will keep you motivated and challenged by engaging you in goal-oriented and needs-based private personal training sessions. We build a training program that is specifically designed for your needs, based on a fitness assessment and health history, so you can achieve your goals safely and effectively.



Sessions take place at one of our select gyms in Montreal or at a place of your choice.



Our sessions are 60 minutes long on a day of your choosing.


What happens?

We will craft a custom-workout plan geared towards your goals. Goals include weight-loss, strength training, injury rehabilitation, and more. We will implement a variety of core, cardio, and strength exercises to maximize our time and results. 

Pairs Training

Sign up with a friend or family member for pairs training and save even more!

“I have had real problems with motivation, but Kim always manages to motivate me and get me moving! Who knew!? Her programs are tailored and adjusted to suit my capabilities (and push me a bit farther), and I always feel better when she leaves than how I felt when she arrived. Kim McKay is a great personal trainer and coach. She is worth every penny! “
– Kim L