Pairs Training

Couples personal training is an individualized fitness program offered to any two people who would like to share a session: married couple, family members, and friends. We will use both individual and partner moves to help your flexibility, toning, condition and strengthen all of your major muscle groups.



Sessions take place at one of our select gyms in Montreal or at a place of your choice.


Why pairs training?

For some people, having an extra accountability partner who can encourage and help you is helpful. Additionally, by pairing up, you can save up to $15 / session.



Our sessions are 60 minutes long on a day of your choosing.


What happens?

We will craft a custom-workout plan geared towards your goals. Goals include weight-loss, strength training, injury rehabilitation, and more. We will implement a variety of core, cardio, and strength exercises to maximize our time and results. 

“Signing up for the Happiness Approach was a big step for me and I am so happy I took it. I am halfway through the program and I’ve already lost 10lbs. Kim has been the rock I needed to get back to caring for my health and fitness. She has worked with me to fight my inner demons and overcome some obstacles. I am looking for food and fitness completely different this time. Thank you, Kim!”
– Tina W