The Happiness Approach to Health

The ONLY formula to achieve our health goals is through diet and exercise, right? How many times have we heard that? NO WAY! That’s just not true!
  • There is no such thing as a “one size fits all”.
  • To achieve your health goals, it begins and ends with a positive attitude and mindset.

The focus is on you! Together we create a program that lines you up for success in support of your desired outcomes.

My experience and approach to health and happiness is a point of departure not a destination.

Together we will uncover that positive attitude and outlook within yourself, which is where your success starts! An intentional approach to creating balance for your overall health is how we bring this to life.

No matter your schedule, preferences, or experience, together we will create a program that excites you, engages you and inspires you to do more!

• 1 month • 3 months • 6 months • 1 year

Invest in yourself today!

“I have had real problems with motivation, but Kim always manages to motivate me and get me moving! Who knew!? Her programs are tailored and adjusted to suit my capabilities (and push me a bit farther), and I always feel better when she leaves than how I felt when she arrived. Kim McKay is a great personal trainer and coach. She is worth every penny! “
– Kim L