My Approach

How I'm Different

I have always had an overall interest in wellness and I am fortunate that I can draw on my own personal experience with weight loss challenges and increasing personal fitness in order to help others. My approach with all of my programs, from group classes, to one-on-one training, to The Happiness Approach to Weight Loss is attitude – a realistic yet positive attitude in overcoming challenges and achieving a successful goal.

Why is my weight loss approach different?

The Happiness Approach helps people understand and utilize the mind-body connection – how we think, feel and act around eating, food and exercising and the impact it has on one’s health, fitness and weight loss goals. My knowledge and experience helping people reach their health and fitness goals is a key factor in using a positive approach for a positive outcome. This includes personalized strategies to overcome any setbacks that might be encountered.

“Kim’s programs are extremely tailored to each person. Kim goes out of her way to get to know her clients and what may or may not work for them. She is available and flexible which is wonderful with my busy lifestyle. The workouts are fun and ever-changing. The program helps you identify certain of the reasons why a person may be overweight in the first place and helps you work through those issues. The program emphasizes trying to fix the inside as well as the outside. The support and the continuous check-ins have been great at keeping me motivated. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ program which is I think is key to everyone getting the results they are looking for.”
– Sophie P.