About Kim McKay

I am a  personal training specialist based on the West Island of Montreal, Quebec with a focus on fitness, health, and overall wellness.

My passion and motivation are helping people happily achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether it’s gaining strength and flexibility, overcoming injuries, running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans, I will help them get there!

Years ago I figured out that trying to be “perfect” was self-defeating. What works is doing my best and doing my best is great! I use the 80/20 rule. My goal for myself and my clients is to be self-aware, happy and healthy.

I truly enjoy meeting people. Everyone has their own unique story to tell and our communication and understanding of each other is an important part of a successful plan of action. I’m very good at meeting people where they are and working with them to get to where they want to be.

My life philosophy is about having positive balance: be the best you can be; live and let live; look for the bright side; do your best; work hard, and have fun. I incorporate this outlook into my work and use my diverse experience in transforming the lives of people who are ultimately seeking one thing: happiness.

Education & Training

I attended John Abbott College and studied Social Sciences which truly helped me form the foundation of what I do: learning and understanding individual and group needs, while at the same time enhancing my interpersonal skills. I completed my personal trainer specialist certification with Canadian Fitness Professionals, as well as the YMCA Individual Conditioning certification. 

I have been a Pilates student of Kim’s for several years. Not only have I enjoyed Kim’s warm and friendly classes contributing to a feeling of wellbeing, but the arthritic pain in my arms, hands, and feet has totally disappeared! I always look forward to her classes!”
– Rosalyn