Are you starting to worry about how to handle having all the Halloween candy and treats around? To help set you up for success, here are a few tips on how to get through Halloween without overindulging in all the small little treats that are so abundant.  Remember, Sugar (and mostly-empty calories) is what you get in candy.

Tip #1: Expect to have the temptations.

Getting your mindset in the right direction is key.  Know that the temptations will be there and decide beforehand how you will deal with them.  Have a plan. Decide that you will not reach for the empty calories.  Allow yourself to have a mindful treat – have a handful of fresh grapes ready to combat that temptation!

Tip #2 Can you skip Halloween?

If you can…skip Halloween. Pamper yourself instead! Don’t buy the candies: save yourself some money, some anxiety, and have a “ME” night.  Turn down the lights.  Get cozy and read your favorite book…watch a movie…or go for a walk. If you absolutely can’t skip Halloween then put your focus on the costumes, the kids, and the fun!

Tip #3 Pay attention

Pay attention to your thoughts:  Are you deciding ahead of time that you’ll “slip up”? This can be a road to setting yourself up to fail.  Don’t engage with those thoughts! Refocus what you’re thinking about.

Tip #4 Get rid of the leftover candies

Don’t keep the leftover candies in the house. Bring the leftover treats to work to give to your coworkers or send them with your partner to their work.
If you have children, have them to go through their Halloween loot and take out what they’d like to share with others.  Let’s face it….our children don’t need all of those treats either!

You will feel so much better if you don’t overindulge! You can do this!

Happy Halloween!

To your health and happiness


Photo Credit

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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