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Kim McKay is a Personal Trainer Based on the West Island of Montreal

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Our Training and Weight Loss Philosophy

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Incorporating healthy lifestyle changes that are manageable over a long time.

Custom Planning

Custom tailored lifestyle changes and goals that match the individual.



Helping make change with sound theory and education.



Real, long-term change for real people.


“I have been a Pilates student of Kim’s for several years. Not only have I enjoyed Kim’s warm and friendly classes contributing to a feeling of wellbeing, but the arthritic pain in my arms, hands, and feet has totally disappeared! I always look forward to her classes!”

– Rosalyn

“I have had real problems with motivation, but Kim always manages to motivate me and get me moving! Who knew!? Her programs are tailored and adjusted to suit my capabilities (and push me a bit farther), and I always feel better when she leaves than how I felt when she arrived. Kim McKay is a great personal trainer and coach. She is worth every penny! “

– Kim L.



Give This Plank a Try

Planks are super effective core exercises that not only strengthen the abs, but also your low back, glutes, shoulder, chest and upper back.